Scrolls of Selezara Caeleth Ariki

Selezara was still a young child when her mother was eaten by an owlbear. Her father, devastated by the loss, went into a deep depression, allowing the family home to fall into disrepair. Despite this, the two of them lived comfortably thanks to the generosity of the community. Following a happy childhood, Selezara trained as an archer and a scout for the Guardians, following in her mother's footsteps. Taking the name Caeleth, she quickly became one of the best scouts in a generation, earning her a place in one of the elite roving squads. Called to battle for a neighboring human ally, her unit was destroyed in a pitched battle that could have been avoided if she and the other scouts had been allowed to do their jobs properly. Returning to Neverwinter, Caeleth found her father dead, her childhood dwelling destroyed, and herself no longer welcome in the only place she had ever called home. Cast adrift, Caeleth turned to mercenary work, fighting for anyone who would pay. A rarity among mercenaries, she kept to herself and fought as a distraction from her wandering rather than for the accumulation of wealth. Having earned a reputation as the cheapest elite scout for hire, Caeleth was recruited by the Zhentarim for a considerable sum of money. Her new comrades found her habit of sneaking up on everyone both amusing and annoying, giving her the name Ariki, "silent shadow". Eventually, however, she grew bored of patrolling the same area with little excitement, and left. Still without a place to call home, she wandered in search of an indefinable something. Once more a lone wanderer, Ariki turned to adventuring (solving the problems of small towns and villages, raiding haunted tombs, chasing half-forgotten legendary), joining a group of other adventurers for a while before moving on. This generally managed to keep her fed and sheltered, with enough left over to maintain, and occasionally upgrade, her equipment. During her latest dry spell, she found herself frequenting the Yawning Portal Inn in Waterdeep, eventually recruited by a man named Frederick, who wanted a small group of adventurers to escort him to his hometown in exchange fore 50gp each and a story about a disappearing dragon's hoard.

Meet Frederick, a grizzled old adventurer (bard), who offers 50gp each and a story in exchange for an escort home. After an uneventful 3-day journey, we arrive at Harker's Ferry, where the ferryman Harker once insulted a powerful wizard who then dried up the river. An uneventful night at the inn (and two hearty meals) funded by Frederick, we then head out in search of Lothar (a friend of Eric, a villager; lives in Twin Peaks) who may be able to help us how to find a fabled mountain with a dragon's hoard atop it. At the end of our first day of travel, we encountered a sizeable group of brigands. We fought them off without too much trouble, but were unable to prevent many of them from escaping by horse. We did, however, manage to take one prisoner. We then set up camp.

Newcomers BlueMoon, aasimar cleric, and Seraphin, tiefling, who are seeking Lothar the Shiv, who stole from them (cheated in a business transaction) come upon us in the aftermath of the battle with the brigands who ambushed us as we attempted to camp for the night. We take the night to rest; no major disturbances (some coyotes dragged off a corpse or two). Discussion results in bringing our captive and the remaining brigands' horses into town. Setting the horses loose does not produce the distraction hoped for; we question the captive and head toward the inn to meet Lothar. After watching the outside for a while in the cold and seeing nothing, I head inside the inn for some food and warmth. Warming up with a hot meal, I people-watche, making sure to keep an eye on as many exits as possible. During this, I see Seraphin waving outside the window trying to catch the party's attention. Whistling to my companions, I wait to be sure they all head out before following. At Lothar's (apparently abandoned) house, Seraphin shows us to the cellar entrance, which Aglius opens easily with a spell. I hide in the nearby vegetation while the others investigate the (totally mundane) root cellar. I continue to hide until everyone has entered the house through the back door (once again opened by Aglius's spell). I step inside to investigate just in time for someone outside to call out a challenge. We sneak out the back door, undecided as a group whether to quietly flee or to answer the challenge and fight. Aglius, going invisible, begins to make the decision for us with a wall of fire. BlueMoon finishes the decision by firing off a fireball, countered by one of the challengers. After a short but intense battle - including a javelin thrown from inside through a closed window, followed closely by Boden - we prevail over Arthur, his boys, and a Lady Arcana, who appears to be some sort of slave.

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