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Grim and the Wicked
Session 12.

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  • Oonikern Slayer - ILP2016

   Grim & The Wicked

Kickstarter games.

Details TBA (Check the Kickstater updates or Discord)

Players: DrakePD, Fyzzixman, Marbanya, MClancey, Sinister_DJ, SusieQ

Watch it here! Saturdays 8pm EST (GMT -05)

Delvers' Society Season 3

D&D one-shot speedruns, IN UNDERMOUNTAIN!

Coming December 9th, 2018!

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Twitch Stream Commands

General Commands

  • !donate - Not required, but appreciated
  • !facebook - A link to GeoQuester's Facebook page
  • !fg - A link to our sponsers at Fantasy Grounds
  • !inn - A link to our Blackmoor friends at the Comeback Inn
  • !nextgame - Find out when GeoQuester goes live next
  • !store - Stream XP can be spent to influence certain games
  • !time - Check GeoQuester time
  • !twitter - Links to GeoQuester's and SusieQ's Twitter
  • !weather - What's the weather like?
  • !xp - Check how much Stream XP you have
  • !youtube - A link to GeoQuester's YouTube channel

Who's Who? Character lists

  • !grim1 - "Grim and the Wicked ~ Shadowfall"

Chat Games

  • !beg - Beg for more GeoCoins
  • !daily - Get your daily reward for visiting the stream
  • !inventory - Link to your inventory for Gather_Bot
  • !mbag - Open a Mystery Bag for 15 GeoCoins
  • !wallet - Check your GeoCoins with Gather_Bot
  • !xp - Check how much Gather_Bot XP you have

 Viewer Participation

Bits* Item XP Cost
cheer125 Inspiration 1250
cheer125 Poke 'em In the Eye! 1250
cheer125 Heal (Lesser) 1250
cheer250 Heal 2500
cheer375 Critical! 3750
cheer500 Heal (Greater)1 5000
cheer750 Incoming! 7500
cheer750 Potion 7500
cheer1000 Trap (Mimic)1 10000
cheer1250 Magic Item1 12500
cheer2000 Curses!1 20000
cheer4000 Magic Item (Party)1 40000
cheer7500 Fracture Reality1 75000

* Offered for new viewers without having to wait to earn Stream XP, has no monetary value, only triggers item if you wish.
1 Sub Only when using XP.

FG XML Coding

As Seen On: All Things Fantasy Grounds: XML Coding w/ guest GeoQuester

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